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Travel mode via Group and/or SCIM bridge?

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My company is using 1Password for Business and we've recently started building protections in our IdP (Okta) and specific connected services for employees who are travelling.

We've not yet configured a SCIM bridge for 1Password, but I'm curious if doing so would allow us to automatically enable/disable Travel Mode based on their status/group membership in Okta. It's not clear or obvious to me if we'd be able to have a "Travel Group" in 1Password in which being a member would auto-enable Travel Mode, or if it's an attribute I'd be able to pass to 1Password via Okta's Profile Mapping.


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  • laz.h_1Plaz.h_1P

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    Hey BurningOutside! Its not currently possible to map travel groups via automated provisioning. There is managed travel mode, but its not hooked into SCIM just yet. If you're willing to, it is possible to automate travel mode provisions with the CLI and connecting that to the Okta API.

    I'll definitely pass this idea on to the team this idea as something to consider implementing, thanks for writing in!

  • BurningOutsideBurningOutside
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    It'd be great if it could be implemented natively into the SCIM integration, or simply making it possible to mark a 1Password group's membership as the trigger for Travel Mode, but that might could do the trick.


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