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Improved Password Safety

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One of the recommendations commonly given to improve password safety when using a passwod manager is to add a short string to the end of each password, but to not store that string in 1Password. Unfortunately, if you use 1Password to insert a password, it also hits enter on your behalf. It would be useful to turn this off (for certain accounts) to allow for an additional string to be entered.

It's note that I don't trust 1Password with my passwords, it's more that I don't trust anyone.

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  • steph.gilessteph.giles

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    Hey @B3B3,

    Are you using a keyboard shortcut to fill? If yes, here are the steps to disable auto submit:

    1. Open and unlock your 1Password desktop app
    2. Click on your account in the top left hand corner and choose 'Settings'
    3. Under General > Autofill uncheck 'Submit automatically with Universal Autofill'

    I hope this helps.

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