🔑 Save & sign in with passkeys in the 1Password beta browser extension


We’re excited to announce that starting today all customers can save & sign in with passkeys using the beta version of the 1Password browser extension – available across Chrome, Edge, Brave, Firefox, and Safari.

1Password 8 for Mac, iOS, Windows, Android, and Linux have also been updated so you can view, edit, move, share, and delete any passkey you've created using 1Password.

Ready to get started?
Follow these steps to start saving & signing in with passkeys:

  1. Download the beta of 1Password for your browser
  2. (Optional) Download the beta of the 1Password desktop app
  3. Open a website that supports passkey login. You can find passkey-compatible sites in our passkey directory. In the latest 1Password beta desktop apps, Watchtower will also tell you when one of your existing accounts can be secured with a passkey.
  4. Follow the account creation process and choose the option to create your account with a passkey, rather than a password. If you're updating an existing account, sign in as usual and look for the passkey login option in your account settings.
  5. An on-screen prompt will explain where your new passkey can be stored. If you already have an account with the website, you'll see an option to update your current credential with the new passkey or save it as a new one. Once you've confirmed that the new passkey should be saved in 1Password … that's it! You're all done.
  6. The next time you want to sign in to the account, the beta version of 1Password in the browser will offer to use your newly-created passkey.

You can also learn more about the benefits of using passkeys on the 1Password blog or or follow our support documentation for a little extra guidance.

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