Chrome extension only generating "random password". Please let it generate "memorable password".

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I was trying to change one of my passwords today with a strong passwords generated by 1P. But I spotted a feature-disparity between 1P desktop app and Chrome extension that made me stop for now.

In chrome, when I try to change any site's password and select 1P's prompt, it only offers the "random password" option; like so -

Instead of such random alphanumeric, I'd prefer to use the "memorable password" the 1P desktop app offers; like so -

But this option is not available on the 1P chrome extension and thus I can't easily use it to change passwords. I have to
1. open 1P desktop app,
2. find the site entry I want to change,
3. click edit,
4. click generate password,
5. copy it
6. and then finally paste it in the website's field in chrome.

If this "memorable password" option was available in Chrome extension, it'd have been a 1 click operation. Can we please have it?

[BTW, don't worry, I did not use the passwords visible in the screenshots.]

1Password Version: 1Password for Windows 8.10.8 (81008013)
Extension Version: 2.11.0
OS Version: Windows 11 Home
Browser:_ Chrome 115.0.5790.24


  • Hey @1passworder,

    You can set 1Password in your browser to suggest memorable passwords. Here's how:

    1. Open your browser, click on 1Password icon in your browser toolbar and unlock it
    2. Click on the round menu next to the search bar and choose 'Password Generator'
    3. Change the type to 'Memorable password' and toggle 'Use as default for suggestions'.

    I hope this helps, let us know if you have any questions.