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  • FrankBreech
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    Bitwarden uses Accessibility for autofill quickaction tiles (which I would LOVE to see in 1PW). also the autofill service, inline autofill and draw over. Why not have these in 1PW? Seems like BW has no problem with the autofill in my somewhat lengthy 5-7 yrs with them. Can't we just port that over to 1PW? BW is open sourced, of course. I'll try to upload a pic here.

  • Hi @FrankBreech thanks for your question.

    1Password for Android makes use of Autofill to fill and save information. With the Autofill setting in 1Password, you can set filling prompts below fields or to the inline menu above the keyboard.

    Accessibility filling was a great and vital option to have before Autofill was broadly supported. There may still be a few sites or apps where Accessibility has the advantage but on the whole, Autofill is easier on the system, can fill more field types, is more sustainable to update, and is less likely to prompt filling where it shouldn't. For that and a few other reasons, we've moved to Autofill only instead of an Autofill Accessibility hybrid.

    You also mentioned a quick tile. While you can use split screen mode to drag and drop your credentials directly from 1Password when Autofill isn't available, I think a quick tile or similar quick filling fall back would be a great option and I'd be happy to share your feedback with the team. It's always good to have personal insights in the feedback we file. So, if you can let me know any additional details as to why this feature would be helpful for you, I'll be able to pass that on to the Product team.

    Thanks again!

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