The Database was terminated

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Hi, why am i getting this new error message?
thank you in advance!

"The database was terminated."

"The database was unexpectedly terminated and may have become corrupt. 1 Password in the browser was reinitialized on your behalf.
please review your settings for 1PW in the browser
You may close this tab and continue using 1 PW int he browser."

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  • Hey @PTR,

    When you clear Safari’s history, or other settings in the browser it may trigger the error message as you have seen. Allow me to explain briefly:

    In Safari, the indexedDB data of 1Password for Safari, which contains all the settings and processes to establish 1Password’s functionality, also gets wiped out when Safari clears cache/history. This behaviour can also happen it you have “Block all cookies” enabled under Safari’s Settings > Privacy tab.

    You should be able to close this tab and continue using 1Password. You can find out more information here: If you see "The 1Password browser extension needed to restart".

    Let us know if you have any questions.