Suggestion for security key unlock option

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After using 1Password for a while, I have noticed that the current 1Password client only provides the option to unlock using Windows Hello.

Speaking from my personal experience, I often need to use the 1Password client on a computer that are controlled by my organization. Unfortunately, users know the Windows Hello PIN code. So I have to disable the "Unlick using Windows Hello" option and need to input my master password every time I unlock the client.

I suggest adding a security key unlock option, ensuring that only authorized individuals, can access their accounts and not require to input their master password frequently.

Thank you for considering my suggestion!

1Password Version: 8.10.7
Extension Version: 2.12.2
OS Version: Windows 11 22H2
Browser:_ Chrome 114.0.5735.134


  • Hi @Tama! I can definitely understand how an alternate convenience unlock option without any links to the Hello PIN would be helpful for your particular use case. I've passed your feedback along to our product team, including all of the details you've provided here.

    Thanks so much for taking the time to reach out with this suggestion 😄

    ref: 33859269