cannot login to iCloud, Chrome on Windows 10

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At the iCloud login id page, 1Password does not fill in my id. I then use the autofill feature from the Chrome extension to fill in my login. At that point, I need to be able to click on the iCloud login continue arrow or hit a return to get to the password page. This does not work. I can only get in by logging out of 1Password and then filling in my login for iCloud.
Windows 10, Chrome extension.
It works correctly on Edge, windows 10 extension.

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    Hey @RuthLou55, I took a look at in Chrome. I found that if you have "Remember Me" checked and saved to your login, you won't be able to move forward after filling your Apple ID. To fix the issue, you'll have to re-save the login with "Remember Me" not checked.

    To re-save the login, please follow the steps here and make sure that "Remember Me" is not checked. Afterwards, please refresh the page and try filling the login again. If all works well, you can delete your original login.

    Here's a video showing the filling issue and its solution:

    I hope that helps. Let us know if you have any other questions!