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I use 1password in my browser (I am unable to download any apps on my PC since it belongs to my employer and comes with security protocol). I do however have the app on my iPhone. Now I need to download all my passwords in a cvs file but cannot seem to figure it out. How do I do it?


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    On your iPhone, have you tried to login to your account 1Password?

  • Hi @Anette77, thanks for reaching out! I understand that you'd like to export your data to a CSV file, but you're not able to install the desktop app on your work PC due to security policies.

    At the moment, the option to export your data is only available in the 1Password desktop apps for Mac, Windows, and Linux. Do you have access to any other desktop device where you could install the app? Alternately, could you let me know why you're looking to export your data, to see if there might be an alternate solution that works for your needs?