My workplace only provides a very primitive and user-unfriendly password tool, so I prefer to use my personal 1Password. However, because of software installation restrictions, I cannot use the Windows client but have to rely on the website version.

Annoyingly, I have to re-login like every hours or maybe even less. Is there a setting where I can keep it open for a whole workday or at least half?

Or is there a way to use a non-install version with more functionality like from a USB stick or something?

1Password Version: Not Provided
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Windows 10
Browser:_ Microsoft Edge
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  • Hey @Brandis,

    Are you able to install browser extensions? If so you may find it useful to install 1Password in your browser from here: Get 1Password in your browser

    As for, here is how to extend the auto lock time:

    1. Sign in to your account on
    2. Click your name in the top right and choose My Profile.
    3. Click the settings cog next to Auto-Lock and adjust the number of minutes before 1Password locks automatically.

    You can specify a different number of minutes for each browser you use.

    I hope this helps!