How to manage multiple web site which have a common part in the link but not in the domain name

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in order to avoid duplication of entries on 1Password I used the possibility to associate to one credential multiple web sites.
This is a good compromise but now my web site list is increasing because of multiple websites using the same credential with a different domain name but with common part on the link used.
I make an example:
Site 1:
Site 2:
Site 3:

Now I don't want to use the "" because in this case these credential are suggested for every site of my company.
I currently used the second option that means that I need to list every http://site* in the list of web sites.

Is there the possibility to tell 1Password to select all "" domain having the "/myapplication" in the link ?



1Password Version: 8.10.8
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Windows
Browser: Firefox\Edge


  • AlbertoP
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    No suggestion how to manage a situation like that ?

  • Hi @AlbertoP,

    I'm sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

    My first recommendation would be to create separate items for each login item firstly so you can use a separate password.

    Within your 1Password 8 app, you have some advanced autofill options to choose where an item is suggested which may help to achieve the behaviour you are after. Here is some more information: Change where a login is suggested and filled.

    I hope this helps, let us know if you have any questions!

  • AlbertoP
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    Hi Steph,
    thanks for your explanation, I have already splitted the items with different password and now my problem is that I use the same credential for a group of applications which have different primary name (pippo1, pippo2) but with the same domain (
    The advanced autofill options works on the first FQDN (, and give me 2 possibilities:

    1) I can set the "Fill anywhere on this website (default)".
    This means that for all applications of my company these credentials will be showed

    2) The alternative is to continue to use the "Only fill on this exact domain"
    This means that I've to list every single application FQDN to which apply these credentials.

    My idea was to use not only the FQDN but also something after, for example in some links like:
    apply the credentials only to the link having the string secondlevel present.
    Is there actually any possibility to do this ?