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It would be very helpful if we could open an URL in a private browser window (per item or for all items)

1Password Version: 8.10.8
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Windows 10
Browser: Not Provided


  • ag_mike_d
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    Hello @kapsiR,

    Thanks for your message. It sounds like you are referring to opening a URL to a private browser window from the Open and fill options when clicking the URL in the 1Password for Windows app. Could you provide some additional details about your use case so I can pass this feedback along to the team.

    In the meantime, in your browser of choice, you can set up 1Password in the browser to be used in private/incognito windows by enabling that option and using the extension to search for and Open & fill into that private window.

    In Chrome for example, you can enter chrome://extensions/ in the address bar and press enter. Then, click Details for 1Password – Password Manager. This option appears under Allow in Incognito.

    Looking forward to your reply.

  • kapsiR
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    Yes, indeed.

    Use cases:

    • Always want to use specific sites in an incognito window (No browsing history, etc)
    • It's more convenient to use open & fill (otherwise I have to open the incognito mode manually)
    • Sometimes I want to use different accounts than the ones that are persistent with cookie/cache (I use multi account containers a lot and so still need additional private windows)
    • I'm coming from KeePass, so I'm used to a great flexibility


  • Tertius3
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    @kapsiR It seems you're using 1Password as starting point of your website visit. I recommend you change your workflow slightly and build a list of your websites with the favorites function in your browser. Whenever you go to some website, use the browser favorites. If that website happens to require a login and displays the login dialog, the 1Password browser plugin will offer automatically the credentials for that website. You just click on the credentials the browser plugin offers, and it will autofill. No search necessary.

    This way you don't need to change between apps (1Password and browser) but naturally autofill what's asked by what's displayed in the browser.
    If you activate the 1Password browser plugin for incognito mode as well, it works for both modes. Just start an incognito window, use the browser favorites to navigate to your website, and the credentials will be offered to autofill.

  • kapsiR
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    @Tertius3 I already use that workflow too, but I have additional sites which I don't have in my bookmarks because of different reasons.

    Another use case is basic authentication, the browser extension doesn't work here...

    To clarify: I usually use the browser extension, bit in certain cases I start from 1Password and it would be cool to have this supported too.
    Additionally it would be possible to extend the behavior in the future. (open a specific app and auto-fill)

  • ag_mike_d
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    @kapsiR - We appreciate the feedback here!

    The suggest @Tertius3 made (Thanks!) is how I use 1Password in the browser generally speaking and when I need an Incognito window.

    Let us know if the suggested change to your workflow helps make a difference in your use cases. I've passed your feedback over to our Product team for their consideration. Thanks!

    ref: PB 34236984

    Update: Sorry I missed you new reply. I've passed this additional feedback along as well.