What to do if you see a message about offline items

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If you've updated to 1Password 8.10.8 or later, you might now see a notification when you unlock 1Password:

☁️ Some changes could not be synced with your other devices.

This post will tell you what caused this message to appear, and what to do next.

🤔 Why did this message start appearing?

1Password 8.10.8 introduced the Offline Items tab and notifications. If you're seeing messages about offline items just after updating 1Password, then it's likely that the affected items aren't recent, and probably encountered syncing problems some time ago. At the time, those syncing problems would have been invisible, and the new Offline Items tab and notifications will now surface those errors.

ℹ️ What should you do if you see this message?

Note: If you're using 1Password for iOS on your iPhone or iPad, skip ahead to the "If you're using 1Password for iOS" section below.

First, click the "View Offline Items" button that appears in the banner (or the Offline Items tab in the sidebar), and you'll see a list of items which couldn't be synced successfully.

Check these items to see if you still need them, or if they can be discarded. You might not be able to see all the details of these items, but you might be able to decide based on the title, username, and date modified. On a computer, you can try right-clicking an item in the Offline Items list and choose Edit to see if that will allow you to see its complete details. This might or might not work depending on the reason that the item is offline.

💾 If you need to save one or more of these items, or you need any other assistance with offline items, 1Password Support will be able to help you directly by email. Generate a diagnostics report and send it to support@1password.com. Don't post your diagnostics report here on the 1Password Community.

📑 1Password Support will need information from a diagnostics report to be able to help with this, which you should send to support@1password.com. Unless you're certain you want to discard all your offline items (see above), we won't be able to help you with this particular issue on the 1Password Community.

🗑️ If you no longer need these items, sign out of 1Password on your device, and sign back in. This will discard any offline items. You can't undo this process, and those discarded offline items will be permenantly destroyed with no way to recover them.

🚒 Before doing this, make sure you know your account password and have a copy of your Emergency Kit to hand, or another device where you're still signed in to 1Password where you can find your Setup Code.

📱 If you're using 1Password on iOS

In 1Password for iOS, you might not be able to access the Offline Items list in some situations. Either you might not be able to see an offline item's details when you tap it in the list, or tapping the "Show Offline Items" button may not do anything. We're aware of both of these issues already and are working on resolving them.

If you can sign in to 1Password.com and you can see all the items you're expecting, then you can follow the procedure above to sign out and sign back in, which will discard any offline items.

Should that not be the case for any reason, email us a diagnostics report as described above and we'll look into it with you.

 🛟 What if I need further help?

If you're at all unsure about what to do at any point, please generate a diagnostics report and send it to support@1password.com for specific guidance in your case. Include as much detail as you can about the situation so that we can help you as quickly as possible.

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