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We set up our 1Password to sign in with an identity provider. Works fine and all. We also migrated users from one instance of 1Password for Business to another. This also worked like a charm. In the preparation of the migration, we increased the time a user has to first log in with Azure, after beeing invited.

Now, that the migration is over, I want to set the period of time for first login back to 5 days. When I try to make a change to the settings to "unlock with identity provider" I get an "ServerError: 500" "SSO-Settings could not be saved. There was an unexpected error."

Also, there is something else, that I'm not sure of if it is related with this error: On the settings page of "unlock with identity provider", there is the point "deadline for login" and it states "expired". I'm not sure if this is simply because of some users, that have not logged in yet and are over the time period we set for first login, or if this is correspondig to something else.

PS: Names of settings and errors are roughly translated from german.

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  • ag_max

    Hi @HdBUwe,

    Sorry for the trouble. Our Integrations team will be happy to assist via email. Please send us an email at from your account's registered email address so they can continue the conversation there.

    After you have sent the email, feel free to post the ticket number you receive so we can locate your message and connect it with this forum discussion.

  • HdBUwe
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    E-Mail send.
    Support-Ticket: 155978

  • Hello @HdBUwe,

    Thanks for sending over the email. Your case has been assigned to our integrations support team, who specialize in helping with SSO questions. Be on the lookout for their email reply, and feel free to reply to the support ticket with any questions you have. In the mean time, I'll close out this community post so we can keep your troubleshooting all in one place and avoid any duplication in work.

    Thank you,

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