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The SCIM was working for about 2 months before we started seeing the below error:

2:47PM FTL failed to set up redis for SCIM bridge error="Network: (failed to NewRedisConnPool), cannot initialize connection: cannot connect to redis: dial tcp connect: connection refused" application=op-scim build=203004 function=GetCache version=2.3.0

I know it is related to the redis, as this is not coming up at all, here is the error for that:

exec /usr/local/bin/ exec format error

I did see a few discussions regarding, but did not find a solution anywhere.

Again, this is on AWS and we used the following to release it:

Let me know if anyone would know why this is happening.


1Password Version: Not Provided
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  • hemal.g_1p
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    Hi @rpatelghx

    Based on the error message "failed to NewRedisConnPool" it looks like the Redis container is not started while the SCIM container was trying to make the connection, during the initial starting up. I believe that once the Redis container is started your SCIM container will be able to make the connection and should lead to a fully operational SCIM bridge.

    Could you can access your SCIM bridge by its URL and authenticate with your bearer token? If so can you download and send us (at your SCIM bridge logs so we can confirm all the core services are running on your SCIM bridge.

    However, if you're unable to sign-in to the SCIM bridge URL you can use the guide linked below to download the SCIM bridge logs:

    How to download your 1Password SCIM Bridge logs

    You may want to consider updating docker that was running on this server from the version found inside the Ubuntu repos, to the docker engine installation that is shown on the docker website

  • rpatelghx
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    This is a container in AWS, using ECS. The redis service is part of the container.

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