1Password Extension in Shift Browser

Hi. I utilize Shift (https://tryshift.com/) for work purposes. It's based on Chromium. While it's possible to install and utilize the 1Password extension in Shift, it doesn't automatically unlock when unlocking the 1Password application like does for Chrome, Edge and Firefox. I believe this is because 1Password doesn't recognize Shift as an official browser.

Would it be possible have 1Password officially recognize Shift and have it function like it does in other mainstream browsers?

Thank you.

1Password Version: 8.10.8
Extension Version: 2.12.0
OS Version: Windows 11
Browser: Shift


  • sl1200mk2
    Community Member

    I see this sort of functionality (adding trusted browsers) is coming to the Mac:


    I would assume there are plans for this on Windows as well? Any timeline on that which can be shared?

  • Hey @sl1200mk2,

    You're right, the reason the integration doesn't work between 1Password and your browser is because it is not one of our officially supported browsers.

    I'm afraid I'm unable to share a timeframe of when you can expect to see the additional functionality on Windows but we are working hard behind the scenes to extend support for trusted web browsers and will hopefully have an update for your soon.

    Thank you for your patience, let us know if there is anything else we can help with in the meantime.