Failed to Save Passkey

I tried to setup an account but my passkey failed to save. I had previously configured my devices to only use 1Password...I'm assuming my 1Password Passkey will be saved in my iCloud Keychain, correct?

Do I need to check iCloud Passwords & Keychain so I can save this single Passkey to my Keychain? How will this work once iOS passkeys launch? How will my device know I want to save passkeys in 1Password?

1Password Version: 8.10.9-45
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: iOS 17 iOS 17.0 (21A5277j)
Browser: Not Provided


  • pollack
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    I had the same issue.

    You also have to select iCloud Passwords & Keychain

    This is because you cant use your 1password app to hold your account passkey to signin.

  • As pollack mentioned you will need to enable iCloud keychain as a place that can save and fill passkeys on iOS if you are storing the passkey in iCloud keychain.

    It would technically possible to store a passkey that unlocks 1Password inside another 1Password account once our iOS app has been updated to support passkeys via the autofill system. You won't be able to store the passkey to unlock an account inside that account because then you would never be able to unlock the account when 1Password is locked.

  • cmfrazier
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    Makes sense. It's slightly annoying as this now adds a step of selecting where a password is stored when using iOS autofill especially since I only plan to store my 1P passkey in my iCloud account.

    Once we get the new iOS app that support saving passkeys, I assume you will be prompted on where you want to save a passkey? I hope iOS does not assume you want to save it to your keychain.

  • Ben
    edited July 2023

    Some of the answer here will depend on how iOS evolves, so it is difficult to say without a number of caveats and hypotheticals.

    In terms of the current state: once you're set up, if you've enabled 1Password to unlock with Touch ID/Face ID, you can turn iCloud Keychain off. That should eliminate this prompt. The difficulty will be if Touch ID/Face ID ever fail or timeout. In such a case you'll need to turn iCloud Keychain back on to retrieve the passkey you're using to unlock 1Password. One of our developers has tested this setup and it appears to be working for them. I'm not sure it is a setup that I would recommend, but it is an option.


    Edit: This may be unwise on iOS 17. See! I said it would be difficult without caveats! 😆😭

  • cmfrazier
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    At this point as much as I love passkeys, I'm skeptical storing my 1P passkey in Keychain given the recent spotlight from the WSJ on thieves stealing iPhones after watching the passcodes, changing the AppleID password and gaining access to Keychain. I moved to using an alphanumeric passcode, but it still scares me. I store EVERYTHING in 1P :)

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