How to find all items that have enabled two-factor authentication?

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How to find all items that have enabled two-factor authentication?

can use search ?

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  • Tertius3
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    You find a corresponding filter if you use the Watchtower view. Works in the desktop app as well as on the website.

  • Hi there @IamJerry

    As @Tertius3 notes, you can find items which can use two-factor authentication but don't have it set up by going to the Watchtower tab and choosing "Two-factor authentication". As you add two-factor authentication to these items, they'll disappear from the list.

    If you want to see a list of items that already have two-factor authentication turned on, search for one-time password and click "Show all matching items".

    Hope that helps! :)

    — Grey

  • IamJerry
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    Did you mean search 'one-time password' in search bar ?

    It is not work

  • GreyM1P
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    Yes, this should be in the Search bar as you've shown. Check one of your items that has two-factor authentication turned on and see what the one-time password field is called. In this example, this test Air Canada item has it labelled as one-time password, which is the default for English:


    If the field in your item is labelled differently, try searching for that instead and let me know what you find.