Repost: Is there a best practice on how to conduct a User Access Review (UAR) in 1Password Business?


Hi all! 1Password Families user for years, brand new to 1Password for Business and loving every minute so far :) This question came up in our security team discussion, as we are required to do quarterly user account access reviews across our domain and all cloud services:

What is the best, cleanest way to conduct user access reviews in 1Password Business? I can see how to do lookups from the vault side, and reverse lookups from the user and group side, and I could combine all of that to achieve this goal, but that's pretty tedious. A report seems like it would be the best fit, but I'd be ok using the CLI if there's a way to do it there.

I see this same question was asked and a feature request created in Feb 2020 (, so apologies for a complete duplicate post.

Has anyone seen any movement/heard any rumblings on this?

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  • @questbahlin

    I would recommend emailing our dedicated business support team and asking them for more details. They might have additional suggestions. It might get you an answer sooner. Plus it will give you time to familiarize yourself with the support system. is the email address to use should you decide to email in. You'll also get a support id and the conversation will be more of a one on one situation.

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    Ok thanks @ag_tommy ! That I can do.

  • Thanks for emailing in, @questbahlin.

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