Multiple vault/password access on one Mac account?

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Apologies if this is answered but can't find a recent use case here. Please link me if I missed it!

I'm upgrading my computers (Mac) in my small business and want to limit password access to tiers to my employees. Meaning I want staff to have access to a set of passwords, managers to have access to those passwords and a larger set as well, and finally owners to have access to all those passwords and then some more as well.

Our use case is that we share computers/terminals and being a retail shop, it isn't realistic to login and logout as users on the computer/account level. We do a lot of terminal "hopping" in and out.

Will 1Password 8 allow me to "tier" access of passwords to employees without logging in and out on the computer account level?

Thanks for any help and direct you can offer!

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OS Version: macOS 13
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  • Hello @Avery,

    Thanks for asking about using 1Password in a small business. While 1Password can definitely support giving different users or groups of users access to different vaults, the terminal hopping you mention does present an issue. 1Password has an app and browser extension which are intended to be signed in and left signed in, so they wouldn't be an ideal fit for your team unless you are changing which user is logged into the terminal whenever someone new starts to use it. The 1Password website would provide another way to access the accounts, with an easier sign in and sign out process for your team, but you lose a lot of features like the ability to do advanced searches and autofill information. Your team members would also need to remember to close the browser tab or sign out of the website before they leave the terminal.

    As a next step, I'd suggest emailing so we can privately discuss your use case in more depth, and determine how to best set up your team for success with 1Password.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

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