Native Windows app : Still Relevant?

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Hi all,

Just wondering out loud here - why do I still need native Windows platform?

I mean, it's 2023. We've got powerful web platforms and mobile apps that can be accessed from anywhere, on any device, without needing any downloads.

What's the real appeal of downloading and installing software in today's era? Are there any specific benefits that keep you using the native Windows version?

Genuinely interested in your views!


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  • Dave_1P
    edited August 2023

    Hello @Eriksalame1989! 👋

    Good question! While and our browser extension offer some basic item management capabilities, the 1Password for Windows app is the best way to manage and edit your items using a beautiful and easy to use interface. The desktop app also includes features such collections which aren't yet available on or 1Password in the browser.

    1Password for Windows also offers a deep integration with your system, such as the ability to unlock 1Password using Windows Hello, and mutual unlock with the browser extension:

    Use Windows Hello to unlock 1Password on your Windows PC

    Of course, our mobile apps provide similar functionality on their respective platforms. But I find editing items easier using a full size keyboard and a large screen.

    I hope that helps! 🙂


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