Problem with integration between Edge and 1Password

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I moved over from Lastpass to 1Password about 6 months ago and my experience to date has not been that great. I was constantly having to enter my master password on my desktop computer so installed the desktop app. But it didn't really solve the problem so I contacted support and they said that the problem was caused by the browser and I needed to switch off the integration between the browser and the desktop app.

So what's the point of integration if it doesn't work? 1Password is better than Lastpass in some ways but not in others and frankly, I am thinking about trying to find a new password app as 1Password doesn't seem to be particularly functional in a desktop environment.

It's comparable to Lastpass in the iOS environment (but not really any better) but is incredibly frustrating in the desktop environment in that I am constantly having to enter my master password. There should be a better way when I am the only one who is able to access the desktop computer (no one else has physical access).

1Password Version: 8.10.9
Extension Version: 2.13.0
OS Version: Windows 11 Pro 10.0.22621
Browser: Edge


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    Take a look here :

    If everything is configured correctly in your system, there should be no problem.

    As long as 1Password app is unlocked and the link is enabled between the application and the extension in the browser, you should not enter your master password in the extension.

  • Hello @KupunaKane,

    Thanks for your message and sorry that you've been encountering issues with the integration between the 1Password and the extension in Edge.

    Could you reenable app integration, and once it's confirmed you are seeing issues again, I'd like to ask you to send a couple of pieces of information via email message addressed to [email protected]:

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    • A link to this thread:
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