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Hey Team,
I was curious what would be the best approach to mirror a group's vaults access. Meaning Group A has access to Vault 1 and 2. I'd liked Group B to have the same, but automated or in a easier bulk method. Given that Group A will have over 250 vaults.

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  • Hi @Alortega, I'll be happy to assist.

    If you're using a team or business account vault permissions can be manually configured from a Group or Vault details page on the 1Password.com web interface. To your exact question, there isn't a built-in automated away to mirror permissions in bulk.

    Using the 1Password CLI you may be able to improve this process:

    1Password CLI

    If you need any additional help with the above, consider sending our Business team an email at businesssupport@1password.com for a closer look, which will allow you share more about your use case and requirements in a private medium.

  • Alortega
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    @ag_max ah ok ok thanks for the info :)
    I'll try to reach out to 1pass support for CLI. I tried to do some research on it and the best I was able to do was pull members of the vault or pull vaults of a member

  • Hi @Alortega,

    Happy to assist, and I'm confident our Integrations team will be able to come up with a solution using the CLI if it exists for this situation. Let our team know if we can be of any help with anything else.

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