Improvements to password history for teams

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  • 1psidctm
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    It would be useful to see WHO made the changes in the history, especially in an environment where a Vault is used in a team. This is currently neither in the history nor below "Changed / Created" visible.

  • ag_max
    edited August 2023

    Hi @1psidctm,

    Thanks for taking the time to share your request. If you're using 1Password Business, you can make use of reporting functionality to track down changes made to your items.

    You'll see an entry in the Activity Log with the "Person updated items in vault Accounting". You'll also see an "Updated" entry along with the person's name shown under the "Used by" column of the usage report.

    That said, as both entries are general and don't call out the specific change password action, I'll go ahead and share your specific feedback for adding the actor of the change password action shown on the item with the rest of the team for consideration. Let me know if you have any additional information about your requirements or use case that you would like passed on as well.

    ref: pb-34915364

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