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Hi there,

Anyone else has had a painful time trying to roll out Unlock with SSO (with Azure in my case), for a team previously using passwords?
I've enabled SSO only for myself and a few friendlies in the company, and we all had a less than stellar experience switching to SSO.

For the last user I tested on, it started with the app telling the user that the secret key had changed and prompting for secret key/password (no mention of SSO anywhere), but the password wouldn't take and the app was just telling them they couldn't be logged in. After signing out, the sign in screen offers a few sign-in options (1password.com, emergency kit, Okta...) but not Microsoft options as would be expected. When trying via 1password.com, it successfully redirects and signs in on 1password.com (signing in on 1password.com is the part we've actually had no issues with), then back in the app, the user just lands on a prompt with a greyed out Done button. The user is effectively unable to use the app.

My and my manager's experiences weren't as bad, but we still both had to click around to have it working on all our devices (mix of Windows/Mac/iOS), so I'm feeling nervous enabling the whole company, if I can't give a set of instructions that I know will work. I have also opened a ticket with 1Password a week ago and have heard nothing back.

With all that being said, once switched over, it seems to be working well enough so far.

So, am I just doing things wrong, or have you had issues with rolling out Unlock with SSO too? Thanks all for chiming in!

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  • Hi @benmining,

    Thanks for taking the time to write about your experience setting up Unlock 1Password with Azure. I'm sorry to hear about the trouble along the way.

    If you or anyone else ever run into any obstacles SSO-related obstacles, please feel free to contact our Integrations team, which you can reach at businesssupport@1password.com. Our team will be happy to assist and troubleshoot any issues, as well as share your direct feedback with the rest of team, to see if we can improve the overall process.

  • benmining
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    Hey @ag_max, thank you for getting back to me. However, as I said in my post, I DID email businesssuport@ciphermining.com on 8/14 (9 days ago) to try and get some guidance for SSO best practices, but I have heard nothing back. I even followed up earlier this week but haven't gotten a reply.
    My case number is 161715 if you'd like to look it up.

  • Hi @benming,

    Thanks for providing the ticket number, and I apologize for the delay. I've contacted our team internally and you should now have received a reply. I'll go ahead and close this so we can focus all replies in the email. But if we can be of any help with anything else in the future, let us know.

    ref: Zd-#161715

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