How does 1Password define a fantastic password?

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One small problem I have with 1Password is that it seems to have a rigid definition of what a fantastic password is. Its own generated passwords frequently rely on certain symbols, and if you change just one of those symbols, the password goes from fantastic to very good. Meanwhile, a 20+ character password generated by a different app, with a good mix of letters, numbers, and symbols, can be either very good or even just fair. That seems a bit strange to me. Does anyone have any insight?

1Password Version: 8.10.9
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OS Version: Windows 10
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    It was explained by 1Password this way, as far as I remember: A "fantastic" password is one that was generated by a random generator, so every character (or word, for the memorable passwords) has equal probability to appear.

    If you manually change even only one character, this random property gets lost. 1Password doesn't know any more if the characters of this password were randomly chosen or on purpose, so it will not classify the password as fantastic any more. This classification is also used if you paste a password copied from somewhere - 1Password cannot know if this password was generated by a random generator or just typed together only appearing as random, but not truly random.