GCP - SCIM Bridge fails when attempting to verify domain with Lets Encrypt

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Hi there,

My SCIM Bridge stopped responding on Tuesday morning (AEST) and I have been trying to rebuild and re-deploy it since then. Every attempt I've made so far has stopped when I reach the point of configuring the domain name with Let's Encrypt.

Initially I am able to load the page and enter the domain with the DNS A record updated (confirmed to be forwarding correctly to the bridge).

When I click Verify, the bridge page stops responding completely. When attempting to access it again with another browser tab, or refreshing the page results in a very simple "404 page not found" error.

The documentation doesn't seem to account for errors like this so is there anything else I can do here to restore the bridge and provisioning for my account?


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    But honestly I think the documentation could do with another pass. Absolutely no accounting for errors with deployment.

  • Hi @astokes ,

    Sorry to hear you ran into problem. Thank you for reaching out us with your experience. We will try to improve documentation to cover such instance.

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