Issues with 1Password in the browser when using the nightly version of 1Password for Mac

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Like many, I was disappointed with the decisions regarding 1Password 8. Until now, I've continued to use version 7; however, I've since switched to the Orion browser, and the only way to use 1Password there is to install the nightly builds of 1PW8. I decided to give it a go. It's been over a year; maybe my gripes were addressed in that time!

Unfortunately not.

  1. Off the bat, the installer (why does it need an installer instead of a .dmg file like any other good Mac app?) uninstalled 1Password 7 without asking. This is not what I wanted. Luckily, I can rescue it from the trash, but this is bad behavior.
  2. 1Password for Safari thinks I have no passwords. It recognizes my vault but says it's empty. Uninstalling the extension, restarting my laptop, etc., doesn't fix it.
  3. 1Password for Firefox doesn't work at all. The extension window is completely blank.
  4. 1Password for Orion does work! So it's kind of a one step forward, two steps back kind of deal, except ...
  5. The extension isn't staying in sync with the app (or the 1Password website). I updated a URL over half an hour ago, and the extension still shows the old URL. The website did update, however, so it's just the extension that's wrong.

Now, yes, I'm using a nightly, so bugs are to be expected. But #1 has nothing to do with nightlies, and #2 was an issue even with the production release, which I installed before realizing I needed the nightly. (I didn't test #3 until the nightly.)

1Password is more expensive than everyone else, but I used to justify that expense with the fact it was also clearly the best password manager. Bitwarden is a travesty, Lastpass is less secure than a Post-It note, Proton Pass doesn't have an app, etc. But with the direction 1Password has gone, that justification becomes harder and harder.

ETA: The extension sync issue existed before installing the nightly. I installed the nightly when I realized that it was necessary to get TouchID unlocking in Orion. I also saw the issue in Arc, a Chromium browser, before installing the nightly.

1Password Version: 1Password for Mac 8.10.14 (81014007)
Extension Version: 2.14.1
OS Version: macOS 13.5
Browser: Safari/Oion/Firefox


  • tiltowaitt
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    Update several hours later. My extensions are now syncing, quickly, and Safari works again. Not sure what was up before. I still prefer 1Password 7, but my ... ire ... has receded considerably.

  • Hi @tiltowaitt, sorry about the trouble with the upgrade. I believe there could be an issue if both 1Password 7 and 8 are installed because the browser extensions might be connecting to the wrong version of the app.

    Happy to hear the things improved for you!

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