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Translations available but not used

Community Member
edited September 2023 in Memberships

I see translations are available for Danish

Is there any change that they will be considered?

1Password Version: 8.x.x
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Not Provided
Browser: Not Provided


  • Blake
    edited September 2023

    Hey @9elsen! While we used CrowdIn for 1Password 7, with 1Password 8 each additional language we've added is professionally translated rather than being community-sourced.

    The Danish language isn't available within 1Password 8 just yet, but this is something on our radar. I'll make sure to add your voice to our internal feature request regarding this! 😊

  • 9elsen
    Community Member

    Hi @Blake Thanks for the answer, and thanks for building a cool and professional product

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