Can Markdown Be Opt In For New Users By Default?

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Coming from LastPass, LastPass did not have the ability to add multiple passwords per website. So a lot of our users used secure notes to add multiple logins.

The problem is when we migrated to LastPass a lot of the passwords have markdown characters like "*" and when people went to copy/paste the password in the secure note in a website the website kept saying "incorrect password."

The issue is with markdown turned on the * is not shown unless you edit the secure note.

Turning off markdown in the settings fixed the issue.

Most users do not know what markdown is. It would be better if markdown was opt in. Or maybe when editing the secure note there can be a box to turn on markdown for that specific note.

Also if people turn off markdown it would be great if if that setting is saved at the user level. Currently if a user has multiple devices and we turn off markdown on one device it will still be on on other devices.


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    Hi @rifin1,

    That's correct that markdown formatting is enabled by default in the 1Password apps and as you're aware, individual users can disable this setting. Though there isn't currently a way to make this opt in by default.

    I've shared your feedback with the rest of the team to see if this can be better addressed in the future. Thanks for taking the time to share experience and ideas.

    ref: pb-35235209

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