Users in our organisation unable to login, absolutely no response from 1Password Business Support.

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Hello 1Password community,

We have set up the SCIM bridge and are integrating it with Azure AD. SCIM bridge is updated to the latest version (2.8.3) and appears to be in optimal working condition.

Unfortunately, we've encountered an issue where several of our users have reported that they can't sign into 1Password. We promptly initiated the standard recovery process internally. However, despite multiple attempts and restarts of this process yesterday, it was to no avail.

In an effort to troubleshoot further, we also attempted to deauthorize all devices associated with the affected user accounts, but this too was unsuccessful.

We reached out to the 1Password Business Support. We logged the initial ticket at 10am (UK) yesterday. Follow-up communications were made at 12pm, 2pm, and 5:30pm, which included reaching out to our account manager. We appreciate that our account manager responded promptly, assuring us that the matter had been internally escalated. However, 24 hours have since passed from initial opening of ticket, and we've yet to receive substantial support.

The inability for our users to sign into 1Password is causing significant disruptions. Our employees rely heavily on it to access numerous systems. As a result of this issue, we have a number of staff who are presently unable to perform their duties effectively.

Any assistance or insights from the community would be invaluable right now.

Unable to login from browser:

Unable to login from desktop app:

Area seen when following account recovery link from email:

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    Hi @taylorrrr,

    Sorry for the delay. Our Integrations team was able to respond to the email you sent in. I'll go ahead and close this thread so everyone can focus their efforts in email.

    ref: Zendesk-#68102

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