Domain Breach Report Update Frequency?


According to the documentation the Domain Breach report gets its information from the haveibeenpwned database.

How soon after a new breach list is added to the haveibeenpwned data can we expect that to show up in the 1Password Domain Breach report if any accounts in our validated domains are present?

I want to be clear on whether none of our users have been caught in any particular breach, or if the results just haven't updated yet.

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  • Hello @ChrisParr,

    Thanks for asking about breach reports in 1Password. I'm glad to share that we update our internal database every hour, so there should never be a delay longer than 60 minutes from a breach being available in HIBP, and it appearing in 1Password's Breach Reports.

    Please email if you have any follow up questions, and we'll be glad to look into it for you. Remember that our community site is a public space, and account specific details shouldn't be shared here.


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