Won't fill user field for affinityfcu.com

Hello, I can't get 1Password to fill in the username at affinityfcu.com/org. I feel like there used to be a way to set the field name, but maybe I'm making that up.

1Password Version: 8.10.13
Extension Version: 2.14.1
OS Version: MacOS 13.5.1
Browser: Firefox 117.0


  • Hey @npb,

    I found I was able to get my credentials to fill on this page after following these steps:

    1. Go to the log in page
    2. Manually enter your log in details but don't click enter or sign in.
    3. Right click the 1Password icon in your browser toolbar and choose 'Save Login'
    4. Give it a title and click Save.
    5. Now refresh the page and see if you are able to fill.

    I did find I still had to use the inline menu suggestion beneath the password field but it did then also fill the username field. I hope this helps!

  • npb
    Community Member

    Sweet, that worked, thank you!

  • You're welcome @npb, let us know if there's anything else we can help with.