New Login/Signup pop up

Hi everyone, i just started using 1password and coming from others password managers where everytime i loggedin or i created a new account on any new website which wasnt inside the password manager yet i had a pop up from the browser extension to save it. Now iv been searching for how it works on 1psw and did few tries and it looks like i can only save it manually by choosing to save it while im still on the input or it actually pops out if i use the generated password but this is still while in input, so if the pswd fails i have to update it manually later and this doesnt make sense to me... Is there anything im doing wrong o this is still a WIP? thanks

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  • Hey @Luca8,

    1Password in the browser does not offer a save prompt upon successful login. Instead, you can save your information using the 'Save in 1Password' option that is presented below the input fields on a login form. This is the most efficient to collect your login details and prevent data loss (which can happen if your information is saved after you submit a form and if the form is not submitted successfully).

    To save a Login item after successfully signing in would require a few things. To name one in particular, this would require arbitrarily capturing and maintaining data you've entered into fields as well as all the details of the page in the background, assuming you might want to save a login, as you navigate websites.

    With that, currently the least invasive way to ensure your Login items are secured by 1Password with all of the correct data is by offering to save a new item from within the fields being saved themselves. I know it doesn't seem like the most convenient method, but your security is our main priority.

    I hope this helps to explain, I'll be happy to submit a feature request for this on your behalf and provide any further feedback you have to our Product team, so that they can take it into further consideration when making decisions on future 1Password releases.