Asterisks not rendering in "notes" field of item

In my notes field for an item I have a long string of numbers and asterisks. When I save the item the asterisks disappear. For example, I enter 12345 * 678912345 * 6789 in the notes field when editing (but no spaces before and after the asterisks). When I save, the asterisks disappear. Also, the numbers between the two asterisks are slanted forward. When I go back to edit, the asterisks appear again. Save again, they disappear. It's like it's an HTML rendering issue. As a workaround I put spaces before and after the asterisks and they appear OK. It's no big deal but it seems like a bug that might be affecting something else I don't know of.

Oddly, when previewing this message without spaces before and after the asterisks, the asterisks disappear and characters between the two asterisks are slanted as they are in the 1-password app. I added spaces to you could see the asterisks.

(For those curious, the number and asterisk string is a conversion of a text password to phone keypad numbers for phone password entry that an investment company asks for when I call in, with asterisk substitution for special characters.)

1Password Version: 8.10.13
Extension Version: 2.4.1
OS Version: macOS 13.5.2
Browser: Chrome