Organisation Blocked 1 Password Browser Extension

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My hardware is managed by an international organisation. Today they have prohibited the use of the 1Password extension in my browser. This is inconvenient.
Why would an organisation do this? What possible risks are there?
I use Edge, but this applies to all browsers.

1Password Version: 8.10.13
Extension Version: 2.14.1
OS Version: Windows 10 Pro 22H2
Browser: Edge


  • Hello @pioneer! 👋

    I can't speak to why your specific organization may have blocked the browser extension since I wouldn't have access to that information but IT departments tend to be conservative when it comes to the software that they allow on their systems. For example, if your workplace doesn't officially use 1Password then your company may not want you saving company secrets and passwords into your personal 1Password account. And I've worked for many companies that wouldn't allow any extensions or apps that their IT team hadn't first vetted and approved.

    If your IT team does have any questions about 1Password then please have them contact our business team at to discuss this in more detail.


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