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How does 1Password remember me when opening a secure share link

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so i shared a file with myself. i had the settings to open only for one person. i entered my own email address. When i clicked the link i needed to type in the passcode emailed to me.

so far i understand. Now, when i closed the file, and page, and then RECLICKED the link, this time it opened without asking me to get the passcode.

so where is the instruction/information stored, so 1password knows NOT to re-ask for the passcode

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  • Hey @pathfinder76

    When you share a file with access restrictions and then proceed to access it after entering the passcode sent to your email, a session-based token is created for your device. This token tells 1Password that your device has already been authenticated for that specific link. This is a common practice in secure systems to provide a balance between security and usability. As a result, if you revisit the link within a short timeframe, you won't be asked for the passcode again.

    The token is temporary and has an expiration. After some time or if you access the link from a different device or browser, you'd be prompted to enter the passcode again.

    For security purposes, these tokens are stored in a way that they can't be used for any other purpose except to recognize that the passcode was entered correctly for that link on that device.

    We always strive to provide clarity on how our features work. Your feedback is crucial in helping us improve our communication and ensuring all our users have a clear understanding of our functionalities.

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