Carbon Black blocking execution of 1Password-BrowserSupport.exe

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The browser extension in chrome/edge is trying to execute 1Password-BrowserSupport.exe on startup of the browser. Carbon Black is halting this as by default it doesn't allow cmd.exe to be used from the browser. Why is this plugin executing an cmd.exe to start another process and is there a way around the browser trying to launch this background process. like an installed service instead?

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  • Hello @Twitch76,

    Thanks for your message.

    1Password, the client app integrates with the browser extension. My suggestion, if possible, would be to exclude the 1Password-BrowserSupport.exe or the entire 1Password folder within Carbon Black. The 1Password folder can be found here: C:\Users\%username%\Appdata\Local\1Password\app\8\

    Alternatively, does Carbon Black continuing to halt this process if you disable the app integration with 1Password in the browser?
    1. Open your browser, right-click the 1Password icon in the address bar, and choose Settings.
    2. Under the General heading, disable Integrate with 1Password app.

    I'm looking forward to your reply.

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