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Sharing / Importing Passkeys from iCloud to 1PSW ?

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First, congrats to the 1PSW team for the first implementation of Passkeys in todays update. Looking forward to testing this further. I just wondered if this current implementation has a way to share the passkeys already created and saved in iCloud Keychain over to 1PSW ? 2nd question is, if there is no way to move created passkeys from iCloud to 1PSW, do users recreate new in 1PSW and delete the iCloud Keychain version OR is there a different workflow you would recommend ?

Thanks again

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  • Wildcat_1
    Community Member

    1Password team, any thoughts / guidance on the above ? Thanks

  • Hi @Wildcat_1

    At this stage, you cannot import or export passkeys. We’re working closely with platform vendors and other password managers through the FIDO Alliance to create a secure way to import and export passkeys. We believe it’s your choice where to store and use your passkeys. Hopefully we’ll have more to share soon. Within 1Password, you can use item sharing to move a passkey to a new 1Password account.

    You can also create a new passkey for a website any time within 1Password and remove any existing passkeys from other providers.

    Let me know if you have any further questions!