What will be the impact of changing sign-in address?


What will be the impact of changing the sign-in address?

This is due to a change of company name. Would like to know the impact as well as the steps we can take to correct them after the change

1Password Version: 8.10.16
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    Hi @ArnelMarasigan_2113, I'll be happy to assist.

    There are a few considerations when changing an account's sign-in address:

    • The sign-in address is one of the four sign-in details that every member of your account has; as such, changing the sign-in address will invalidate any Emergency Kits any of your members have previously saved. If they want to have an Emergency Kit, they can save an updated one from their profile page in the web interface for the account after the change has been made. Secret Keys or other member details won't change, just the sign-in address.

    • Account members who have added their account to their 1Password apps should have the change to the account's configuration happen automatically and silently for them in the app as long as they unlock the app and successfully sync with the account within 30 days of the change. Any account members using older apps (mid-2017 or earlier), or who miss the 30-day window after the change, will need to manually re-authenticate; this involves fully signing into the account again within the app

    • Any account members that have bookmarked the old sign-in address in their web browsers will need to update their bookmarks

    • Any Secrets Automation workflows will need to be recreated

    The sign-in address change will happen immediately, and there is no down-time for the account, so your users should not need to stop what they're doing to take any action. Though as mentioned above, we do recommend having your team save new Emergency Kits to ensure they run into any issues learning of their new sign-in address when signing in on a new device.

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