Upgrading to newer version without Admin privileges

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Hi. My work computer is controlled by our IT department. I'm getting the prompt "1Password will update when you restart the app." but (presumably) because I don't have admin privileges (on the PC) it fails.

Our software is managed via a company "portal" from where we can install approved applications. If I can get them to update the version they have there, would I be safe to uninstall this version, then install the newer one?

I think this is probably a big "yes", but wanted to be aware of any gotchas. AFAIK I don't have any local backups. I'm also running it successfully on my personal computers.

I don't suppose the additional info (versions etc) is relevant here.

1Password Version: 8.10.15
Extension Version: 2.15.1
OS Version: Windows 10
Browser: Chrome


  • Hey @BronL, thanks for reaching out.

    The short answer here would be yes, it's safe to uninstall 1Password and install a newer version. Uninstalling 1Password does not actually remove the local database from your device, so you should be able to remove and reinstall without any hiccups.

    With that said, prior to making changes on your device, I suggest making sure that you are able to log in at 1Password.com, verify that you see all of your expected logins and that you have a copy of your Emergency Kit with your password filled in:

    That way, even if something did happen to your local data on a device, you can rest assured knowing that it's all synced through your 1Password account.

    Let me know how things go or if you have any questions.


  • BronL
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    Thanks very much, Ali.

    The tip to check at 1Password.com was great, and I'm reassured. Now - let's see how long it takes IT to update their installer package... :)

  • You're most welcome @BronL. I'm glad I was able to help 😁

    Let me know if you have any further questions!