Unable to register on the community using the Edge browser

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I wanted to participate in an issue and ran into this when trying to create an account. The captcha eventually times out, but it spins forever. Probably because of the JS error. I was able to use Firefox to create an account.

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  • Hello @agentsmith1337! 👋

    I'm sorry that you ran into trouble when trying to create a forum account using Microsoft Edge. I've just tested this and I was able to create an account with no issues using Edge version 117.0.2045.35 using the default browser settings.

    Is it possible that you have Strict Tracking prevention turned on in Microsoft Edge? It looks like that is causing some issues for me whereas Balanced works well:


    I look forward to hearing from you.


  • agentsmith1337
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    I have Balanced as well. I suppose it might be related to an extension, but I already have my account created now.

  • ag_tommy
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    Sounds good @agentsmith1337 We're glad to have you here.