Identities and Autofill

I am applying for jobs and find myself filling out VERY similar forms over and over. I have been able to stumble my way through adding labels to my Identity so that it fills more portions of the form for me. But I still don't quite grok it.

Which of the html attributes should I be using for the label and how do I format it so that it selects the correct option?

                    "formOpid": 0,
                    "htmlName": "job_application[demographic_answers][][answer_options][][answer_option_id]",
                    "htmlClass": "single-select",
                    "opid": 29,
                    "type": "checkbox",
                    "dataAttributes": {},
                    "label": "Male",
                    "labelBefore": "Female",
                    "labelAfter": "Male"

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  • Hey @cubeconvict,

    I'm sorry for the delayed response.

    Would you be able to send over a link to the page this particular field is on so I can do some testing and best advise?

    Thank you!