1Password asks me to sign in again and again, on both desktop and browser

Hi, I have both desktop and browser versions of 1PW. In Settings I have turned on "Integrate with 1Password app". Even so, I'll sometimes be asked to sign into both versions repeatedly. For instance 5-6 times for each. It doesn't happen every day, but it's gotten much worse in the last couple of weeks. I have the correct master password and I get no error messages. Furthermore, I'll eventually get into both, and after a couple of minutes, sometimes it asks me again to sign in. I'm grateful for any ideas you have to troubleshoot this.

1Password Version: 8.10.16
Extension Version: 2.15.1
OS Version: Mac Ventura 13.6
Browser: Chrome


  • Hey @Kahawa,

    You can manage the auto lock settings of both your 1Password app and 1Password in your browser from your app settings. The two should share the lock state of one another.

    Can you give the steps in this guide a try and let me know if you are still having problems with 1Password locking too frequently? How to set 1Password to lock automatically.

    Let us know how you get on!