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One of my website login's require me to enter my last name each time I log in. I forgot to save this when adding the login to my 1 password vault. I've tried to edit the login and add the field for last name but I do not see the option.

Can anyone advise if there is way to do this without having to delete the login and re-create it?


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  • Hey @Glacona,

    Can you point me at the website you are trying to use 1Password to fill so I can do some testing and best advise?

    Thank you!

  • GIacona
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    @steph.giles Sure it's

    Please let me know when you can. Thanks

  • Hi @Glacona,

    I've taken a look at the Virgin Atlantic website, and it appears that only Identity items will be offered for filling in your last name on the login page. I've reported this to our development team, so we can see if any improvements can be made here.

    In the meantime, you can create an Identity item to autofill your last name using the following steps:

    1. Open 1Password.
    2. Click the "+ New Item" button.
    3. Select the Identity item template.
    4. Enter your identity details, then click "Save".

    After you've autofilled your Email and Password, when the Last Name field appears, you should see the Identity item offered when you click in the field, and clicking the item should fill your last name.

    The other option would be to store your last name in an additional field within the Login item's details, then drag and drop or copy and paste the last name from the item into the field.

    Let us know if that works for you.

    ref: dev/core/core#24466