Unable to use passkey on connect.visma.com

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  • MikeNielsen
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    For connect.visma.com, I have switched from using Touch ID and the built-in password manager. However, I can't get 1Password to use the Passkey it has stored without having to scan a QR-code and loading it up on my phone.

  • ag_mike_d
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    Hello @MikeNielsen,

    Thanks for your message! Passkeys will work on websites and apps that offer passkey authentication. Passkeys.directory lists the apps and websites that support passkeys. If the website you are looking for isn't on the supported list directory you can vote or submit a request for passkeys support.

    Are you having troubles with a specific device or all devices?

    I'm looking forward to your reply.

  • MikeNielsen
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    The passkey for https://connect.visma.com is stored in 1Password, but I can't "autofill" it when I go to log in in Safari in MacOS Sonoma.

    I get prompted to use either a security key or a iPhone. When I select the last option, I get the option to scan a QR-code which then loads 1Password and the finally "autofills" and I can log in.

    Why can't this be done using Touch ID on the Mac it self?

    Here are some screenshots of the process: