Basic Passkey Question

I apologize in advance for a very simple question. Based on what I am reading here and elsewhere, passkeys are the future and 1Password is making it happen! I am still setting up passkeys where I can, but there is something I don't totally understand.

If I set up a passkey in 1Password for some app or website, and I then go to the app or website and login: (Scenario A) Will I be prompted to sign in with my passkey and go through the biometric authentication? Or, (Scenario B) will I be signed in automatically assuming I already unlocked 1Password with FaceID or TouchID? In other words, I am already authenticated just by having my phone or computer unlocked and/or 1PW open (in the computer situation)?

The reason I ask is for the situation in which I am using my phone or computer, I have the screen unlocked and 1Password unlocked; I then hand my phone to someone else (to look at a picture or something) or stand up from my computer, and that person goes to open my BofA app or something. In Scenario B, they'd be able to open any app or site they want. In Scenario A they would not.

Sorry - I know this sounds like a silly question, but I figured there would be enough expertise around here to get an answer!

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  • GreyM1P
    edited October 2023

    Hi there @jbrowdy

    In short, the answer is B, exactly as it is now with passwords where someone could autofill a password if 1Password is unlocked.

    That's why it's important that you set an appropriate auto-lock timeout for 1Password on each of your devices, and that you know how to manually lock it when you don't want to have to wait.

    💻 To manually lock 1Password on your computer, click the 🔽 down arrow at the top of the sidebar (in the main 1Password app) and choose Lock. Alternatively, you can press ⇧⌘L (Shift-Command–L) on a Mac, or Shift + Ctrl + L on Windows or Linux, to lock 1Password from anywhere on your system.

    📱 To manually lock 1Password on your mobile device, tap the account and collection chooser (the icon in the top-left or top-right corner) and choose Lock.

    On a mobile device, like you mentioned, you're likely going to be using biometrics like facial or fingerprint recognition, so your auto-lock timer can be quite short (maybe only a minute or two) because it's easy to unlock 1Password using those methods. You might also be using something like Touch ID or an Apple Watch on your Mac, or Windows Hello, to make unlocking easier too. :)

    — Grey