"Passkey" Label - Refine/Correct Labelling Request

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It has come to my attention when using passkeys that everything in 1password is called a passkey. Although in reality sometimes what is stored is a passkey and sometimes it is more basic security key.

Is it possible to name these more accurately? Or have some form of indication?

A very good example of this is 1password itself. If I register a security key in 1password for 1password it will be labelled as a passkey. However when I register a security key using my yubikey, and then view all the passkeys on that yubikey using the windows yubikey tool, I see that there is no passkey for 1password there. I do however see the other real passkeys on my yubikey there.

This suggests to me that the 1password entry for 1password in my 1password labelled as a passkey is not actually a passkey but a regular security key. However I would never know this looking at 1password alone.

I love being able to store any type of key in 1password - but labelling them more accurately would be helpful

If there is something I have misunderstood please correct me and explain what is happening

Thank you

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  • Hey @mike48397289, thanks for sharing your feedback. Could you tell me where you are seeing that your security key is being labelled as a passkey?