Attempting to re-deploy SCIM bridge

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Our previous SCIM bridge in GCP used for Okta provisioning to 1Password expired. We followed the steps to update from within GCP but encountered an error. Following the instructions again, we re-deployed the SCIM bridge, updated the DNS A record with the new static IP, but we're not able to proceed when the instructions say to open the SCIM bridge in another browser window and click "Sign in on 1password" (here's the specific step in the instructions):

Sign in to your 1Password account
In another browser window, enter the domain name you configured for the SCIM bridge to verify it’s accessible. Then click “Sign in on 1Password” to connect your account. After you sign in, you can close this window.

Instead of an option to login, we're prompted for the bearer token. However, we don't have (and shouldn't need) that since we already deprovisioned the bridge from within 1password. Do we need to associate the new static IP for the SCIM bridge with a new DNS A record, as opposed to updating the DNS A record with the new static IP? It's not referenced anywhere in the instructions that we need to do this when re-deploying the bridge. We're prompted for the bearer token regardless of what browser we're using and when trying with an incognito window.

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