feature request: HTTP Basic Auth popup autofill

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Yes, I saw this. I know how to fill the basic auth popup. I want beyond it. I want the extension to:

  • fill the popup automatically as soon as it appears
  • let me open 1Password extension with the shortcut and fill the popup using arrow keys and return key, without my hands leaving the keyboard. Currently, the shortcut does not work when a basic auth popup is active!

Any thoughts on this?

1Password Version: 1Password for Mac 8.10.18 (81018040)
Extension Version: 2.16.0
OS Version: macOS 13.6.1
Browser: Chrome


  • Hey @jinux_go,

    I'm sorry for the delayed reply.

    Currently the method that Paul demonstrated in the thread you have linked is the best suggestion I can give. However, with that being said, I can see how Improving this workflow would be beneficial to you and other users so I have filed a request with our product team for consideration in future updates.

    Thank you for your feedback, please let us know if there is anything else we can help with in the meantime.

    ref: PB36853454